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Friday noon finds fire larger

April 20, 2007     

Waycross  ---  Officials will host a town hall meeting Friday night to talk with residents of Ware County about the wildfire that continues to threaten their community. The wildfire in ware county is bigger, Friday at noon. It is now 35,000 acres, and only 35 percent of it is contained.

Two years ago Joe Cornelius joined the Ware County Fire Department as a volunteer.  He noticed the equipment for the volunteer fleet was old, many trucks dating back to the 70's or before. He was also a county commissioner so he tried to work to get better equipment but he says his ideas were not met with enthusiasm.

Now, this large fire has show the equipment is in need of an update and he hopes to get the ball rolling as soon as the fire's out. "Our resources have been stretched to the limit.  Beyond the limit. Being a commissioner and a volunteer you understand what the fire fighters have to go through and you have a greater sense of what they have to work with," Cornelius said.

He hopes to soon get new trucks and equipment for the volunteer department and possibly work to get some more full time fire fighters.

This fire is so massive, it can be seen from space. A satellite shot taken by NASA shows that the smoke covers an area from Waycross all the way down to Daytona.


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