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ASU cancels events after VT shootings

April 19, 2007

Albany-- Albany State University released a statement Thursday afternoon that said President Everett Freeman and his Cabinet decided to cancel large campus events because of heightened security concerns.  A spokesman said there was no specific threat, but the decision was a result of the Virginia Tech shootings.

The statement read, "Due to the heighten [sic] security concerns, the ASU President and Cabinet feel that in the best interests of the University and all of its many supporters, alumni and friends, all events that are of large masses of individuals (e.g. Concerts, Dances, Greek Shows/Stomp-The-Yard-Events) will be postponed on its premises until Fall Semester 2007."

The explanation changed a little at a campus candlelight vigil Thursday night.  A spokesman told us the decision only covers events that might attract two thousand people or more.  ASU Communications Director Emmanuel Freeman said, "Basically, these cancellations are not affecting our students' day to day activities, their social activities, their Greek shows, step shows. Those have all been planned, and they're going to be carried out.."

The decision will not affect the university's sports banquet or graduation events. A battle of the marching bands competition set for Sunday at the stadium is covered under the ban. If you bought a ticket, you can get a refund at the outlet where you bought it.



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