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Cats Not Getting a Kick Out of Missed Attempts

April 19, 2007

Albany -- The South Georgia Wildcats are top-ten in the AF2 in scoring offense, putting up a a shade under 60 points per game, but the Cats aren't getting all the points they could be.

South Georgia has had its trouble in the kicking game, with Byungwoo Yoon making just 14 of 27 extra points. That's 51-percent, and 25th in a league of 30 teams.

Dan Burnett knocked his chances at a 75% rate for the Wildcats last season.

The team has brought in other kickers to increase the competition with Yoon, but as he is an international player and doesn't require a roster spot, signing a new kicker would basically be a two-for-one swap.

Wildcats coach Derek Stingley says, "Byung is an international player, and that really helps us with numbers, so if someone else comes in, they would have to really, truly beat him out. They can't be just as good, or just as bad, however you want to call it."

Stingley says no changes will be made this week.

Yoon also kicked for the coach last year in Macon.

The Wildcats have not attempted a field goal this season.


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