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Fire command post organizes fire fight

April 19, 2007

Ware County --  Over 40 agencies have partnered together to fight the fire in Ware County and now have it about 30 percent contained. The fire is covering 25,000 acres over a span of 11 miles. 

The staging area is set up at Ware County High School. Hundreds fire fighters are in and out of here at all hours of the day. And it's all being run from a small mobile home. It's called a mobile command center, and they act as the middle man between the forestry department in the air and the fire fighters on the ground.

Once they hear where the fire is getting out of hand, they must keep track of all the departments and dispatch them to where they are needed most. They were some of the first to arrive here Monday and the post has been manned 24 hours a day since.

They'll be out here until the last fire fighter leaves.

Officials don't have any idea of when they might have this fire completely contained and put out. They are saying at the earliest a couple of days-- the latest, possibly weeks.

But right now they don't feel comfortable putting a timeline on it because one windy day could wipe out all the progress they've made since Wednesday.


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