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'Stash the Trash' gets underway in Dougherty County

April 18, 2007

Albany--Travel any road in Dougherty County, and you'll probably see litter.

Volunteers are ready to pick up tons of trash this weekend during an annual county-wide clean-up.

Trash: you can find it all over Dougherty County. And it's not a pretty sight.

"It can be disgusting," says Eric Williams.

Eric Williams keeps his south Albany yard litter free, yet it still attracts trash.

"Paper cups, soda cans, stuff like that. "It's very annoying," he says.

Litter bugs view his community as just one giant trash can.

"They don't really care about other people's property," says Williams.

But members with Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful are doing something about the problem.

They're holding their annual 'Stash the Trash' event starting Friday.

"It's a city-wide pickup," says organizer Judy Bowles.

Organizer Judy Bowles is hoping for a big turnout.

"Last year we had 65 teams.  They cleaned 69 miles of roadway. We certainly hope to top that this year," she says.

Last year during 'Stash the Trash' volunteers picked up over eighty tons of debris. And unfortunately, they have a feeling they're going to be picking just as much up this year.

"The statistics sound wonderful when you say you've picked up eighty tons of litter. The sad thing is that we have eighty tons out there," she says.

But residents like Williams are grateful for the volunteers who are doing something about the problem.

"I think it's good. We really appreciate it because there's some people who aren't able to get get out and clean their yard," says Williams.

But to those who continue to keep the community he lives in dirty, he has this message.

"If you don't want this done to your yard try not to do it to other people's neighborhood," says Williams.

'Stash the Trash' runs from 7 to 11 AM Friday and Saturday.

To participate, call Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful at 430-5257.

You'll be assigned a cleanup area and given the needed supplies.

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