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Christmas Tree farm damaged by storm winds

April 18, 2007

Lee County -- The severe weather that swept through Western Lee County Saturday night damaged not only houses, but also agricultural property.

The owner of a Christmas tree farm in the path of the storm says he sustained nearly $30,000 in damages.

 Many of the Christmas Trees are bent sideways where the wind nearly blew them out of the ground, despite being stalked down.

Joedy Putnal of the Busy Elves Christmas Tree Farm says it's very unlikely any of these more matures trees will survive.  Putnal said "you see this right here, how it's budged. All the root seal here is broken off. This is the worst I've ever had. I've had some blown over, but I've never had like this."

The roof of Putnal's storage barn was also ripped off by the high winds, and a number of connecting sheds destroyed.

He says he may be able to save many of the younger trees, but he is already making plans to bring in more trees for Christmas, because he will not have enough to satisfy his customers.


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