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Car crashes into Lee County nursery office

April 18, 2007

Lee County --   Witnesses say the car was going about 60 miles per hour when it slammed into the Lawn Barber Nursery building on Highway 82 west.

Joe Dorner of Lee County says he blacked out, while heading west on 82. His car crossed the median, oncoming traffic, ran through a ditch, plowed through a fence, careened off a pine tree and hit the building.

Steve and Vickie Collins say it's a miracle no one was in the parking lot or the office.

"This time of day we would normally have two employees inside the building.  And for different reasons they were outside," Vickie Collins said.

"The Georgia State patrolman who I have become friends with because of so many accidents right here in this little one mile area, he calls it the Bermuda Triangle," said Steve Collins.

Dorner had to crawl out the back window to escape. He wasn't hurt.

Amazingly, this is the second time that a car has run off Highway 82 and hit that building. 


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