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Firemen save one landmark from the flames

April 18, 2007

Waycross  --  The fire is covering about a nine-mile wide area, which unfortunately, is quite populated, and there has been significant structural damage. Hundreds have been evacuated.

To keep the fire from destroying more property, firefighters are focusing on those structures. Firefighters spent hours protecting the 100-year-old Old Ruskin Church.

Despite their efforts, many houses, and cars have been burned by the raging fire. Several utility poles are down.  They say there's really no way to tell how much property damage has occurred at this point.

While some buildings were lost Tuesday night, fire officials say part of the blaze is under control, and they are working hard to contain the remainder of it.

The firefighter who was injured trying to put out the fire is OK today. Fire officials are hopeful for some rain today, which would go a long way toward weakening the fire.