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Another insurance scam victim warns others

April 17, 2007

Albany -- Another South Georgian says she was the victim of a growing insurance scam.

 85-year old Julia Smith says a man woke her up at her home on Gordon Avenue November 5th and told her he was there to help her with her medicine. Smith says the man had these forms with her name, Social Security number, and other personal information. She figured he was an official from her insurance company, so she signed the papers.

 The name on the forms is Shannon Vick, one of two Cook County insurance agents arrested last week for targeting elderly and disabled south Georgians for forged policies. Julia Smith said " he said I got good news. I said what is it. He said you won't have to pay nothing else for your medicine. He said your medicine will come free, if you will sign your name on this paper. "

Daughter Susie Smith said " We were very upset. We called the bank because we didn't have any idea, who he was or what he was about. And I just think anyone who does that doesn't have much conscience. "

Smith's daughter Susie contacted Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine's office Monday about her Mother. They said they will work on her case.

 Smith urges other seniors contacted by Vick to make sure their Medicare and Medicaid coverage hasn't been affected.

If you have questions Call the Insurance Commissioner's office at 404-656-2115.


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