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Post office takes last minute filings

April 17, 2007

Albany -- Just before midnight, a steady line of cars passed through Albany's main post office driveway as proscrastinators dropped off their taxes.

With the midnight IRS deadline fast approaching, the line of cars was steady outside the Albany Post Office. South Georgians waiting to the very last minute to file their income tax forms. Johnny Golden said "always do, because I have to pay them money. And I want to hold onto my money as long as I can."

 Postal Worker B.J. Florida greets the last minute drive ups with curb side pickup, and a big smile. And she says most people return the good will. Florida said "most of them having to pay, so they are smiling."

 The traffic stays steady, with people just beating the deadline. Jack Brown said "cause I owe them money, and I have to file an extension."

 Florida puts the official Post Office stamp on the envelopes, showing the IRS they made it under the wire. Florida said "no penalities."

This year filers had two extra days to get ready. Since April 15th was on a Sunday, and Monday was Emancipation Day, a holiday in Washington D.C.  Some people had no real excuse why they needed that extra 48 hours to get their forms in. Lindsay Lanier said "just things happen. You get busy. You push it off, it's last minute, and you get put on the news for it."

And of course others had really good excuses. Lucious Jester said "it's my wife's fault. She waited to the last minute to do the taxes."

Whatever the excuse, many South Georgians were hurrying to the Post Office with the clock ticking to avoid a penalty.

Next to busiest day of the Christmas season, the tax filing deadline is the busiest day of the year at the Post office.


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