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Students express themselves on Internet

April 17, 2007

Albany --  During those terrifying moments at Virginia Tech Monday, many students communicated with one another through text messages and video from their cell phones.      Now, college students across the country are using the Internet to show their support for the Virginia Tech community.     

Thousands of students are showing their support through, a social networking website aimed at college students.     

Hundreds of groups have popped up on the site since yesterday in reference to the shooting. Groups like "Remember Virginia Tech Students" and "4-16-07" have attracted tens of thousands of students who posted condolences for the victims and their families.

"All college students, high school students, everybody, has a facebook account almost, and it's just like a new means of communicating with people from other places," says Facebook user Dontae Lee. "Everybody is just really feeling the sympathy for the people that were gunned down in Virginia, because really it is a tragic incident that happened."

Students are also using the website to post news articles to keep other students informed.


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