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More anti-litter signs for Dougherty County

April 16, 2007

Albany -- County Commissioners gave the go ahead to put up more anti-litter signs around Dougherty County, and they'll ask police and judges to strongly enforce laws against people throwing trash on highways.

Litter on Darr Lane, just across from the Airport, could be the first thing that visitors see. And with business guests arriving this week, County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard wants it cleaned up. "We're going to let these folks know if you are going to litter, get out of Dougherty County."

Sinyard told fellow commissioners that he wants to step up the battle against litter, saying litter is hurting economic development and could cost jobs and growth.  "Businesses that we bring in here and come in on different arteries and gateways, when they see the litter, it sets an idea in their mind that is not positive."

Litterers in Dougherty County can be punished by a one thousand dollar fine and community service picking up trash. Sinyard wants signs put up on all the roads warning people not to litter, or else.  "When you enter Dougherty County on a major gateway, there should be a sign talking about the litter and the potential fines and the problems you can have. Another sign when you enter into the city."

Sinyard got the backing of the commissioners to talk to judges and police about stepping up enforcement and punishment for littering. "We want to make it so tough and the punishment so strong that folks think twice before they throw stuff out of their car."

Sinyard said only about one percent of people throw litter, but he wants to them to stop, and to do that he knows stiff punishment will be needed.

County officials say there are only a handful of anti-litter signs in Dougherty County, but work is underway to have them put up on all major roads.


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