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Lee County family must rebuild

April 15, 2007

Lee County - - The aftermath of the storm isn't setting well with one Lee County family. The storm ripped through their home and now they have to re-build. We first brought you his story immediately after the storm hit Saturday night. Sunday, the Lee county man is picking up the pieces for him and his family.

Even after looking at his now destroyed home, Sean Knights is thankful. Friends have come to his rescue. He didn't have to pick up a phone.

"No actually, they called me. Word got around and everybody just started pouring in," he says.

During our continuous coverage of the storm Saturday night, we spoke with Knights over the phone about his devastating experience.

Sunday, he recounts how it all happened.

"Me and my little boy just got back from watching a movie, we got back and we heard a little commotion outside and there was a pressure change inside the house."

His 12 year old son Christian remembers it well.

"I looked out the window and the trampoline was in the air so we ran into the closet and just hid in there until it was gone."

His 14 year old sister, Mackenzie was with him.

"I thought that I wasn't going to make it because the roof was caving in and water was pouring everywhere and wood was sticking out everywhere."

They made it out ok. But their home is a loss. Friends are salvaging what they can.

Christian has one concern.

"How are we going to replace it?"

It's a question his father isn't worried about answering. He's looking on the bright side of things.

"I got everything that means everything to me. My wife and kids are fine, safe. That's all that matters."

All that matters as they pick up the pieces and re-build their lives. 

The Knights had been in their home for just two years. They say they have found a temporary place to stay while they re-build their home.

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