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Albany fire department makes needed changes

April 14, 2007

Albany - - A rise in intentionally set fires in Albany has fire leaders coming up with a plan to crack down. 

The Albany fire department now has a full time arson investigator whose sole responsibility is to focus on arson. In the past, the department's arson investigator would also respond to day to day fires and perform public safety functions.

Now Chief James Carswell said one of his staff members can devote the necessary time to cracking arson cases and preventing them.

At a city budget meeting Saturday, Carswell also thanked the city commission for passing an additional 50 cents wireless 911 fee.

He says that extra money will help you get better service in the event of an emergency.

"We have eight consoles we monitor but on any given shift, there's only six people working those shifts under budgeted positions. We need additional employees so we have all the consoles covered," Carswell's says.

Carswell had no major additional budget request items. He said the department is working well within its means, thanks to the help of SPLOST funds.


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