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Firefighters battle wildfire in Irwin County

April 13, 2007

Irwin County--A wildfire scorched 140 acres of south Georgia woods and timberland Friday afternoon.

Flames whipped up the full height of forty foot tall pine trees and destroyed acres of saplings.

Forestry rangers from four counties cut containment lines around the fire in the Crystal Lake area of Irwin County.

They say the fire is contained, but they worry it could jump those lines on Saturday.

"It's extremely dangerous right now. It's extremely dry. If somebody's going to be burning outside, I would advise extreme caution right now. We're just going through a bad drought, and we're having some high winds to come through here, and it's going to be a problem with fire if you're not careful with it," says Chief Ranger Mike Clark.

Rangers responded the fire about 2 PM Friday.

They'll be back out there Saturday.

They're not sure of the cause, but they say it could have been intentionally set.

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