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Poulan police chief returns to work day after crash

April 13, 2007

Poulan - - People in Poulan are coming together to support a city worker who remains in critical condition after a crash Thursday. That wreck also injured the police chief and another city employee. 

Poulan police chief Angie Schlosser didn't have to come to work Friday.

"We advised her to stay home and kind of rest because she's pretty banged up. She's a strong willed woman, she's going to do what she needs to do," says Poulan officer Scott Payne. 

But she didn't take her co-worker's advice.

"They all told me to stay home but there's different things we got to get in order, we have to make sure people are here for the office and make sure things keep running," Schlosser says.

Though she came to work one day after a serious crash, you can see the wreck's aftermath.

"How do you feel today?" we asked.

"I'm a little sore. I got quite a knot there. {near her eye} I got a few on the other side," she says.

She walks with a slight limp from where she hurt her knee. Thursday afternoon, she was leaving lunch in Sylvester with Poulan Court Clerk Sharon West and Water Clerk Valerie Merritt.

A black pick up truck clipped the back of the police car, causing it to flip over several times. Merritt was taken to Phoebe, but she's home now with family recuperating. But troopers say West didn't have on a seatbelt.

She was ejected from the car and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

"I hope Sharon really comes out of this. We're all really worried about it," says Poulan mayor Dustin Grubbs.

City leaders are coming together in support of their own.

"The community is kind of sad right now. It's just a real bad situation," Grubbs says.

And they're hoping for the best.

Troopers say West was sitting in the front seat with Chief Schlosser and didn't have on a seatbelt. The accident happened shortly after the city employees got in their car to leave lunch.

This is the second wreck involving a Poulan police officer this year. In February, a speeder on Highway 82 ran into Officer Sam Law's patrol vehicle. Law is still recovering from his injuries and hasn't returned to work.

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