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Drive for a cure

April 12, 2007

Albany - Automaker BMW is trying to raise $1 Million for breast cancer research. It's called Drive for a cure. And it's a fun and easy way to raise money to fight a serious disease.

Brandi Reynolds needs a new ride, so she decided to take a spin in a brand new BMW. "I know it's for a good cause and I'm in the market for a car, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity," said Brandi.

To fight back at cancer. A disease that killed her grandmother.  "Someone's got to do the research," she said, "but it's not cheap." So she's here to do her part, which is really doing nothing more than having a little fun. "I think it's great," she said.

As does Marilyn Garey. A nurse and breast cancer survivor she is being recognized by the Susan G. Komen Breast cancer foundation for her work helping others battle the disease.  "I'm representing all of those ladies," said Garey.  "And they have given me support and encouragement as I have loaned them strength as they have developed their own."

As the wind is blowing through your hair, just think of this. There are lots of breast cancer patients without even this luxury anymore. They've lost their hair, their appetites, some even the strength to drive this car. So do it for them, because every mile you drive is one mile closer to the cure.

"Oh, but they wind up running again," said Garey.  "They have strength from everyone who lends them support and all they have to do is raise their winds and fly."

"I want to see someone get some hope out of this situation," said Brandi. So she'll keep driving for a cure.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women in the United States. The pink bow B-M-W's move out of Albany Thursday, but they won't be far away. If you would like to test drive a beemer for a good cause, Drive for a cure will be in Tallahassee tomorrow.



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