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A division of a $3 billion food service company moving to Cairo

April 12, 2007

Cairo  -- 
Performance Food Group-Powell supplies meat, canned goods, paper and cleaning supplies to restaurants all over the southeast. After a year of planning, the company finally broke ground at their new site.

The PFG building has been a constant in Thomasville for three quarters of a century. "Formerly it was W. J. Powell Company, it was a locally owned company, 75 years old," says Buddy Parrish, PFG-Powell President.

Soon they'll pack up and move, but they're not going far. Today the company broke ground at their new site just down the road in Cairo.

"It's a wonderful time for our company to be able to finally get started on a new building. It's very exciting for our people to be a part of Grady county, and Cairo."

Some may ask, why the move if they're going such a short distance. Right in the middle of Thomasville, PFG has little room to grow. Their new location in Grady county, will give them the space they need to expand.

 "We'll have a distribution center here, about 114,000 square feet. We'll be distributing all sorts of food service products out of this facility to cover about 150-200 mile radius of this location," says Parrish.

Their new community's thrilled to have them. PFG brings with them 80 jobs, and many of those people already live in Grady county. With the expansion, they're also projecting to create 40-50 new high-paying jobs with good benefits, in the next five years. They'll be a huge electric user, which is sure to be a boost to the city's economy. Now that construction's underway, the company hopes to be in by late fall.

"It may push us into mid-December but our hopes are that we can finish this up by the latter part of November and make the move then."

Cairo plans for the PFG facility to be their anchor tenant in their new industrial park.

The headquarters for Performance Food Group are based in Richmond, VA. PFG-Powell is one of its 23 distribution facilities.

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