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2006 Dangerous traffic list released

April 12, 2007

Albany -- Traffic increased seven percent at Nottingham and Westover last year. Almost 40,000 cars go through that intersection every day. The number of wrecks and injuries suffered in those crashes at that intersection went down, but that traffic volume kept it on top of Albany's top ten crash location list.

You don't have to watch very long to see someone blatantly run a red light, and that frequently leads to a wreck.

During the interview for this story, just before noon, the light is green, but the blue Mitsubishi runs through the intersection, and struck another vehicle. Police say it's a daily occurrence at this intersection. But for 2006, the number of crashes at this intersection was lower, from 39 in 2005 to 31 in 2006. And the number of injuries dropped from 23 to 15.

But in a mathematical formula, the seven percent volume increase in traffic there put it on top.

Michele DeMott of Safe Communities said, "We've seen a continual increase in traffic volume at Nottingham and Westover, so that certainly contributes to it's remaining at the top of the list."

The top ten crash location list for 2006 has five different intersections from the 2005 list. Dawson and Westover is second, Mock and Oglethorpe is third. New on the list for 2006, and with the fourth most crashes is Clark and Cordele Road. Meredyth at Westover fell of the list last year.

Overall the number of wrecks and injuries in Albany in 2006 dropped from 2005, despite more cars on the road.

Traffic specialists will use these findings to study these intersections, and try to find ways to make them safer. "We go back and investigate each of the top ten crash intersections and each of the top ten midblock crash lists, looking for engineering improvements we can make," DeMott said.

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