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Homeowners could get tax break

April 11, 2007

Georgia homeowners may get a surprise tax break. As part of their negotiations on a mid-year budget, state Senate and House leaders came up with a $142-million tax cut.

It would give the average homeowner a one-time one hundred dollar break but the Governor doesn't like it.

South Georgian Nicky Hilton isn't heir to a big hotel chain like that other Nicky Hilton but he is proud to be a homeowner. He remembers moving in more than a decade ago.

"It was great. It's the excitement of owning your first home," said Hilton. Hilton says after renting, there's nothing like having your own.

"You're working towards something," said Hilton. But there are some things homeowners can do without, things like repairs.

"Bathroom, leaking this and broken that," said Hilton. Hilton also adds another headache. "And property taxes too," said Hilton.

There is some news on the horizon that homeowners in Georgia may not have heard about. "This is the first I've heard of it," said Hilton.

Anyone who owns a home could receive a property tax refund check or credit up to 100 dollars courtesy of the state. "I'd love money from the government anytime I can get it," said Hilton.

Hilton says the money would be helpful. "It would help on anything you know? Any kind of repairs or just to have an extra hundred dollars. A hundred dollars is a hundred dollars nowadays," said Hilton. And it's a break he's willing to catch.

"Oh absolutely. Any homeowner would," said Hilton. The next question is when?

Governor Perdue said Wednesday he's concerned that lawmakers came up with this tax plan during budget negotiations in private. He says he prefers his tax cut plan for retirees which lawmakers tabled earlier in the session.

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