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Motorcyclist says giving up bike after crash

April 11, 2007

Albany -- An Albany motorcyclist rode away from a frightening crash, but says he is giving up his bike.

22 year old Chris Rowe was treated by Paramedics after he had to lay his motorcycle down on Dawson Road about 11:30 Wednesday morning.

Rowe says a Chevrolet Suburban changed lanes suddenly in front of him, and he hit the pavement to avoid ramming the SUV. Rowe suffered road burns on his knees, elbows, and fingers. The scratches on his helmet show how effective it was preventing more serious injuries.

Rowe said this was his third close call since he started motorcycling, and his last. "Nope. Nope, I ain't going to ride no more. Nope, I'm done riding."

 The Suburban drove off when Rowe crashed. He said people from area businesses rushed to his aid. Police said there would be no charges filed.


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