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Ads slow postal deliveries

April 10, 2007

Albany-  The U.S. Post Office delivers 212 billion pieces of mail to over 144 million homes, but that delivery is slowing down as business picks up.

Right now, the post office is being over run with spring advertisements that seem to be slowing down business. Albany's Postmaster said spring catalogues coupled with heavier volumes going into tax time is slowing down their deliveries.

Checking the mail is part of Betty Ann Christian Faulk's daily routine. What's not routine for the post office is having an influx of advertisements this time of year.

"In the last couple of day's, I just remembered I got a lot," said Faulk.

The heavy volume of ads must also be sorted and delivered, adding up to additional work.

"It's spring mailing season for catalogues, we do have a lot of advertising that's coming in right now," said Ron Bradley, Albany Post Master.

The Albany Post Office has enough employees to handle the demand,

"We've got a compliment, we'll say that, it's a number that we have, that we can operate with and we're at our compliment," said Bradley.

but admits it slows down the process, and possibly some of the mail you're expecting. "The bills come on time, they come too early," said Faulk.

While a slip up in the address could also slow your delivery.

"If there's something wrong with the address hygiene, it may be an erroneous bar code that's sprayed on a letter," said Bradley.

The post office promises to fix the problem as soon as possible and send the letter on its way, keeping most customers happy.

"I'm delighted, I love to look forward to the mail everyday," said Faulk.

The Post Office admits on occasion they do get complaints. Each complaint is taken seriously. If you don't get your complaint resolved you can take it to The Postal Customer Council who resolves local mailing issues.



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