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Troops from the 1230th say goodbye

April 9, 2007

Bainbridge-- It's always hard to say goodbye to someone you love. Knowing their headed into a war zone makes it that much more difficult.  "It's always an emotional time when loved ones are getting ready to go overseas or go away from home. There's gonna be times there you're gonna be away from one another, let alone the unknown," said Tim Fountain, husband of one

"This was a chance for the community to come out and be involved in the sendoff for the troops, as well as for the family members to have a few last minutes with the soldiers," explains Melissa Daltonm, Family Assistance Center Coordinator for the 1230th.    

The scene was filled with hugs and kisses, and lots of tears. Family members and friends said goodbye to 174 soldiers from the National Guard armory in Bainbridge.  "I think it went really well our troops have made it safely on the road, en route, the families seem to be coping as well as can be expected in this situation," said Dalton.

Last year some of these soldiers served with the 48th Brigade in Iraq.  The ones deployed in the last two years were given the option of refusing service, but few did.

The troops will be gone somewhere between fifteen to eighteen months.  "I think that's one of the hardest things, the separation, and just the not knowing what's going on with their soldier at that moment," said Dalton.

As hard as it is, the families find comfort in their loved one's absence where they can.  "I know that my wife truly believes in what she's doing," Fountain said.

Right now, the families don't know exactly when they'll see their soldiers again.  But they'll meet them back here with a welcome home celebration sure to match their sendoff. 

Family members of the troops can contact the family assistance center if they have any questions while the company is away.  They can call Melissa Dalton at 678-569-8484.




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