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T'ville installs red light camera

April 9, 2007

Thomasville -- If you run a red light in Thomasville, better smile for the camera. The cameras are now in place at the intersection of Highway 19 and East Jackson Street.  With 46 wrecks last year, this intersection is the worst in the city.

Police say they're hoping by installing the cameras here, the number of crashes will drop at other dangerous intersections. "If somebody goes through that intersection after the red light, it triggers the camera, it records a video of the car going through and it also takes a still shot, and zooms in and gets the license plate," said Thomasville Police Capt. Mark Scott. 

Offenders will get a ticket through the mail with pictures to prove it.  All of the footage will be monitored by a police officer starting in two weeks. 

After that there will be a 30 day grace period where violators will only get warnings.

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