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Students see realistic demonstration

April 9, 2007

Albany --  Students at two Dougherty County Schools were reminded about the consequences of not wearing seat belts. On the track at Westover High, students were shown just what can happen if they don't buckle up and are involved in a crash. 

The rollover simulator was provided by the Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute in Savannah. 

Hundreds of students watched in horror as again and again unbuckled dummies were thrown from the truck. "Seeing the demonstration with the truck turning over with the dummies inside and seeing how they were sprung outside into the environment it kind of gives you the realization that maybe you need to practice more safer activities," said Monroe High Senior Meaghan Garrett.

Westover High School will hold its prom this Friday night and Monroe's prom is Saturday.  Demonstrations will be held for Albany and Dougherty High students Friday.


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