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Miller moving to the middle

April 6, 2007

Athens - All the attention this spring in Athens has been the rebuilding job Georgia has to do on the offensive line.

What is not to be overlooked is the fact the Bulldog defense lost all three starting linebackers.

One player the coaches are counting on to step up and fill the void is Colquitt's Brandon Miller.

Brandon Miller is wrapping up his final spring practice with the Georgia Bulldogs this week.

And the former Miller County Pirate knows that the coaches are counting on him to be a leader on and off the field this coming season.

Brandon Miller said "I am in the leadership role right now where people are counting on me every day and every play. They want to know what is going on in the huddle. Before the play and after the play."

Georgia coaches are also counting on Miller to lead the defense from a new position.

After playing the strong side linebacker for his first three seasons, Miller moves to middle linebacker.

A position that is often referred to as the quarterback of the defense, something that Miller already knows.

Brandon Miller said "The thing I like about middle linebacker is communication. Without me, nobody would really know what is going on. So, I like that control of being able to tell people what to do."

Brandon Miller's move to middle linebacker has gotten off to a good start.

Head coach Mark Richt says Miller's play has been one of the highlights of spring practice.

Mark Richt said "If you are going to be that "Mike" linebacker, you have got to be a guy that is very physical and is going to punish ball carriers. That is what he is learning to do and I think he has done a real nice job with that."

Miller said "Since I am a bigger guy, I can do very well against bigger offensive linemen in the middle as if Dannell (Ellerbee) or (Darrius) Dewberry lighter guys were in the middle."

While Georgia looked for a leader on offense last spring at quarterback, they have found their leader this spring on defense in middle linebacker Brandon Miller.

Georgia will end spring practice with Saturday's G-Day game in Athens.





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