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Don't set a fire this weekend

 April 6, 2007

Lee County --  Georgia Forestry Rangers are warning folks in South Georgia not to burn this weekend.

The dry conditions coupled with strong winds and low humidity are bad news for burns. Even so, a fire started along Philema Road Friday afternoon. The fire danger around all of south Georgia is very high or even at extreme levels.

Ranger Diane Peitras says there are normally not as many fires this time of year. "Usually this time of year, we're slowing down because things are greening up, but the dry conditions, we're not slowing down, in fact, we're fighting fire everyday just about."

Thursday alone, 45 fires burned about 250 acres statewide. The Forestry Commission is only issuing burn permits to plantations who have equipment available to control fires and put them out. 

Remember, burning without a permit is a misdemeanor charge, and you may be charged for services to put a fire out.      


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