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Old man winter stages a comeback

April 6, 2007

Albany --  This weekend you may see temperatures dipping all the way down to freezing. That's bad news for many of you, who have already started planting your spring flowers and vegetable gardens.  So here's what you need to know to keep your plants in good condition.

At ABC Plant Nursery, Greg Daniel can tell you all the ABC's of keeping your plants healthy, but even he is baffled with the weather this week. "It don't quite get this cold usually in the season," says Daniel.

Especially after being so hot; we hit record highs last month.  Those warm temperatures made all these plants bloom. "Everything is already out and blooming and very tender."

And the more tender the vegetation, the more susceptible to danger from the cold. "This cool snap could really burn stuff and make it look bad."

So here's what to do. "If it looks like it's going to freeze, we'll just cover them with sheets," says Greg Daniel.

Becki Frich says she's planting roses, regardless of the cooler temperatures, but she doesn't want them to ruin. "I think for roses, they are very delicate, but if you cover them, they will be fine."

That's right, just as you'll have to add an extra layer to your clothes for Easter Sunday. Margaret Santmyer says, "The outfits we bought, we're going to have to wear a jacket with them."

Add an extra layer to your plants. "It's definitely unexpected.  I think it's a little crazy.  It's not going to stop my growing spirit, my gardening spirit," Frich says.

If your plants are in planters and not in the ground, you may want to move them inside for the next few nights to avoid any problems. You may also want to consider heat bulbs for your plants.

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