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Drivers fume, attendants pay the price

April 6, 2007

Valdosta - Gas prices are beginning to soar and drivers are certainly taking notice.

"They're to high. They are constantly changing and it's aggravating keeping up with the prices," says Berrien County resident Sebrina Solomon.

Horace Gaskins agrees.  He pays over $120.00 a week to fill his truck.  "I'd like the governor to step in and lower gas prices. They need to do something."

And the spike in prices is spiking drivers tempers.  "You never hear it when it goes own. Nobody says nothing then but oh God, all day long we listen to that," says Monika Beard, Manager of the Trax Gas Station on North Ashley Street.

Beard hears drivers vent their fuel frustrations all day. But she and other gas attendants have no say.

"Its not really the individual gas station on the norm that controls the price of gas," says Scott Gard, Technician at the Mike and Son BP on North Patterson.

That's a complicated mix of supply and demand passed down from oil companies and distributors.  "If they go up on us 10 cents, we go up 10 cents. We don't go up any more," Beard adds.

In fact, they feel your pain at the pump and high prices are hurting their wallets just the same.  "Every time I fill my car up I pay the same thing. And I don't like it either," she says.

They join the rest of the population in the gas watch, hoping as the temperature rises, gas prices will go the other way.


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