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Gas prices still soaring

April 5, 2007

Albany - - When it comes to gas prices, many of you are wondering "how high will they go?"

We took a ride down Slappey Boulevard Thursday to see what gas stations are charging for fuel. We found a range of different prices. The Pure Gas station on Slappey had one of the lowest prices at $2.53 per gallon for unleaded fuel.

The Enmark Gas station further down the road is charging $2.66 per gallon, that's 12 cents higher than the average price of fuel in the state.

"You can't do without it. You got to have it. So you're in a catch 22, a rock and a hard place. It keeps going up and up, before long it will be $3.00 a gallon," says Arrie Newberry as he pumped gas into his new car.

Gas prices nationwide have increased almost 20 cents per gallon over the last month. If you think what were paying for gas is bad, you may be surprised. Georgia actually has the second lowest average gas prices in the nation, falling behind South Carolina.


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