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Gas prices remain high, no relief in sight

April 5, 2007

A government report released Wednesday says federal gas inventories declined for the eighth straight week, while demand remained strong.  

The Energy Information Administration says the gas inventories are now below average for this time of year.   Those factors helped cause average retail gas prices to shoot up 22 cents per gallon in the last month.  

A national spokesman for AAA says higher gas prices will be a factor, this summer and beyond. "Unfortunately AAA does expect for prices to continue to rise for at least the next few weeks, hopefully plateauing a week or two before memorial day weekend," said Geoff Sundstrom.

The price of gas has increased for nine straight weeks. Even in south Georgia, drivers are paying close to three dollars to fuel up.

Expect to pay about $2.55 for gas in Albany, $2.50 in Tifton, and about $2.58 in Valdosta. Overall Georgians are paying about $2.54 a gallon at the pump.