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From mule barn to museum

April 4, 2007

Albany--  An historic building in downtown Albany could soon have a new tenant.

The Albany Museum of Art wants to relocate from their current address on Gillionville Road to the old Mule Barn on Broad Avenue. ADICA met with Dougherty County and museum officials, and came up with a ground lease draft.

Under the proposed draft, the museum would lease the ADICA-owned property for 50 years or more. If they agree, construction would start within 24 months of signing the lease.  The museum would also have a one-year good faith period.

"The museum has a 12 month period to make sure it's feasible for them to proceed but it ties it up so that ADICA would be obligated to go forward with the lease and during that 12-month period the museum could be comfortable that they can get the money and they can sell their property if necessary," said Attorney Jay Reynolds with ADICA.

Under the lease, the museum would repay $200,000 back to the county. $3.1 million of SPLOST funds will be used for the museum to relocate. Reynold says ADICA should have word from the museum within a month.



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