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Archbold announces major administration changes

April 4, 2007

Thomasville-- For the last thirty-five years Dr. Jim Story has been a staple at Archbold Memorial Hospital.   "Spent most of my life in this hospital.  As a general surgeon, then as an administrator.  Now I'm getting the opportunity to step to another role," said Story.

After seven years serving as President and CEO, Story will assume the role of President Emeritus.  It's a brand new position at the hospital, and Story is looking forward to it.  "It will allow me, not to have to go to quite as many meetings so I can do more of those hands on things," Story said.

Story will stay on to lend expertise, and to play a supporting role to his successor, Perry Mustian.  Mustian will move up from his current role as chief operating officer.  "It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to advance in this career so this is the next step and the next challenge that I have to work with the staff here," said Mustian.

Now the challenge is to see how the changes in the administration hold up, as the hospital continues to grow.  Visions of several new projects are already on the horizon.

"We are looking at a new addition, its approximately 225,000 square feet, it will be the largest project we've undertaken in the history of the organization," said Mustian.  

"When you do these expansions, you need more physicians and I'll be involved with physician recruitment, quality assurance," added Story.  With Story still playing such a major part, the confidence level is high that the transition will be smooth.

Ken Beverly, CEO and President of Archbold Medical Center said confidently, "it will be seamless in my opinion, you won't even hardly know it happened."  Story assures that Archbold will continue on as it has in the past,  to be on the cutting edge of medical care.

Mustian will be just the 7th C.E.O since Archbold's inception back in 1925. Administrators credit the low turnover rate to the hospital's stability.  Mustian officially takes over on April 25th.




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