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Howell With Cheering Section in South Georgia

April 3, 2007

Augusta -- The Masters is always a homecoming for Augusta native Charles Howell III, but his family roots are in Lanier County, where one of his forefathers founded the town of Lakeland, and his younger brother Ben today manages the family farm.

"We spent a lot of time down there on the holidays," says Howell. "We'd come down for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I love the fishing down there."

Howell's PGA schedule doesn't allow him a lot of time to spend with his family, but their support means everything to him.

"Golf takes a lot of family and friends to be there," says Howell. "We travel a lot, so we don't get to see a lot of people as much as we'd like to, but I'm lucky to have a good support system around me."

The Howell family has had plenty of cheer about with Charles' play in 2007.

Of the Nine tournament's he's played in, Howell has won one and two second places finishes, giving him a lot of momentum headed into this week's Masters.

Howell says, "It's nice to be playing well coming into here. Then again, it is the Masters, and there's plenty of pressure built in, and with the way the course is playing right now, par is a heck of a score."

Howell is hoping to post some really good scores when his relatives from Lakeland arrive in Augusta later this week.

"Hopefully I'll be playing nice and late on TV and on the weekend so they can watch there. I still think the best seat in the house here is on television," Howell said, with a smile.

Whether watching in person or on television, everyone in the Howell family hoping this is the year Augusta and Lakeland's favorite son finally dons the Green Jacket.


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