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So what can you feed Fido?

April 3, 2007

Albany --  Frightened by pet food that's made many pets sick, some pet owners have turned to making their own dog food, but if you're feeding your dog table scraps that may not be any better.

Many pet owners are confused about what to feed their pets after Menu Foods recalled nearly 100 store labels of wet pet foods.  Eight-in-One is recalling packages of its Dingo brand dog, cat, and ferret treats because of concerns over salmonella. 

It's caused many owner to consider feeding their pets table scraps, but many veterinarians say that's not a good idea. 

"We definitely see more problems from eating table food with pancreatitus you know eating the bones passing the bones causing some irritation, things of that nature," says Dr. Jim Lewis of Bush Animal Clinic.

Lewis says you should be able to find a can food or dry food that isn't part of the recall that's better for your pet.  If your dog is older and needs a softer food, you can mix a dry food with warm water to soften it.  Bush Animal Clinic is treating one dog that's in kidney failure because of the food. 



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