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More bogus checks show up around South Georgia

April 2, 2007

Albany --  What would you do if a check for thousands of dollars showed up in your mailbox?Your first thought may be to get to the bank.  But if you cash that check, the bank may just come looking for you.

One Albany man who knew it was a phony and wants to warn you as well.

"It looks very good." As a disabled vet, Ezekiel Gaines is used to receiving a check at the beginning of the month.  But today, he received a rather large one.

"I know nobody's gonna give me $2,000," he says.

The check, which looks like the real deal, could have caused a real mess for Ezekiel had he decided to cash it.

"It's just a scam," says Dougherty County Sheriff's Lt. Craig Dodd. That's right, a scam.  A letter that accompanied his check told him to cash it, send most of the money back and then he would receive even more money-- a total of $61,000.

So we called the number on his letter in Winnepeg to speak with the Scammers themselves. Surprise-- no answer.

"If a deal is too good to be true, then that's what it is, it's not true." Lt. Dodd says these types of scams are increasing in popularity and in the amount of people falling for them.

"They tell you to send so much back and so you think, I really can't lose because I have this check and it's going into my account and I'm only sending back part of it, so I still, no matter what, I've got the money."

But in reality, they have your money, and you've just taken the bank's.  So instead of cashing a check that you weren't expecting in the first place, Ezekiel has some advice for you.

"Sit down, throw it in the fire place.  Throw it in the garbage can, but tear it up."

A lot of times, scams like this will originate from outside the U.S.  Mr. Gaines' check came in the mail today. You may have one also, but don't cash it-- you'll regret it.

If you're ever in doubt, bring all information with you to the bank.  They can help you determine if it's a scam or not.


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