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Voter turnout very low

March 20, 2007

Albany -- Dougherty County's Elections Supervisor described voter turnout Tuesday as slow and disappointing.

 Carolyn Hatcher said voter turnout hovered at about 3 percent, but she said the largest group of voters usually cast their ballots after five O-clock.

The Phoebe Education Center precinct had only six people vote in the first three hours this morning. On the ballot there's a special election to fill the County Commission district three seat left vacant by the resignation of Brenda Robinson Cutler. Maurlene Edwards and Bob Washington are running. There's also a special purpose local option sales tax that would provide up to 95-million dollars for the Dougherty County School system over the next five years.

 Election officials Malissa Jordon said ""we've been having one voter every 30 minutes in the first two hours that we've been open."  Are you surprised? "No, we were told it was going to be very slow today, so this is what I expected."

The polls will stay open until 7 PM.


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