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ATI head wonders about new contract

March 20, 2007

Albany -- Albany commissioners agreed today to a new $150,000 contract with Albany Tomorrow, Incorporated, but this one has strings attached.  

Commissioners say they'll only agree to provide ATI with that money if they set and meet goals, and they'll only release money on a quarterly basis.

Also, Commissioners decided that a new downtown manager should be housed under ADICA, not ATI.

Albany Tomorrow's interim CEO, Greg McCormack says he believes that move marks the beginning of the end.  "I was disappointed because it does give a sunset provision to ATI after the two years of funding, there is no reason for ATI to exist if there's not downtown management and development as part of what ATI does."  

City Commissioners did not decide where funding to hire the downtown manager would come from, where that person's office will be or when the search will begin.


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