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Like the nation, South Georgians split on Iraq

March 19, 2007

Albany--Many of you have strong opinions about the war.  Some south Georgians are absolutely against it. Others say our troops need to stay in Iraq. Patience continues to grow thin as opposition to the war grows even stronger.

Nationwide, protesters rally against the fight on terror. Others remain true to the president. But even in south Georgia, opinions vary greatly.

"We should pull our troops back now because the war should be completely over with," says Shadia Fountain.

"We just need to leave them alone and let them do their job over there," says Melba Coffman.

But some critics argue it's a job that just can't be done. And that the war has become only a death sentence for troops.

"You can't really change people's opinions. You're just using people to basically go over there and get killed for no reason," says Shadia Fountain.

World War Two Veteran Jack Clay disagrees. "It would be a mistake to pull everything out right now. There has be some type of control," says Clay.

"I think we probably need to send more troops over there in order to get the infrastructure needed," he says.

The army veteran backs Bush's plan to send thousands more troops to fight in Iraq. Abandoning the war he says, would only endanger the U.S. "We can win the war, but as soon as we pull out, it's going to be chaos again," says Clay.

Other south Georgians say chaos is here in our own country. And it's time for the U.S. to re-examine its priorities.

"The government should really concentrate on the country itself first, like people are losing jobs, inflation, prices of gas," says Eddy Gupta.

Critics claim you just can't bring order to a country that refuses change. "You cannot tell other people how to live their lives or anything like that," says Eddy Gupta.

Still some south Georgians remain hopeful. "Freedom isn't free.  Is any war able to be won if we don't try?" says Melba Coffman.

Congress is considering a funding bill with a withdrawal deadline attached to it but president Bush says he would veto it.



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