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ASU Freshman is Old-School

March 19, 2007

Albany -- Hardrick Porchia is a freshman at Albany State, and looking to make the Rams football team as an outside linebacker.

He's a South Carolina native, and a physical education major, but what really stands out about Porchia is his age.

"I'm 39 years old," says Porchia. "I've been out of football 20 years."

Porchia spent the last two decades as a mechanic and platoon sergeant in the Army, with two tours in Germany and three combat tours in Korea.

"It's a different type of field," says Porchia. "From the battlefield, and now I'm on the football field. I feel a lot safer now that I'm on the football field."

The freshman says his teammates are a lot younger than they used to be.

"They look at me kind of strange some times, and say, 'Hey, how old are you?'"

But Porchia says the game is still pretty much the same.

"Nothing really changed. The game is a little faster than it was back when I came out of school in 1986, but basically everything is still the same."

Porchia is twice as old as many of his teammates, and just ten years younger than head coach Mike White.

The freshman says playing on a college football field has been a life-long dream, and after Army training, two-a-days will be no big deal.

"Piece of cake," says Porchia, with a smile. "Piece of cake."


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