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Bainbridge Guard called to active duty

March 19, 2007

Bainbridge-- Soldiers in the 1230th began arriving in Bainbridge Monday morning, after receiving orders they would be deployed.

An advance party of leaders will soon leave to go to the company's training grounds in Indiana. "We're basically laying the groundwork to prepare to receive the rest of the unit that will follow on later this month," said Captain Josh Emerson, the Company Commander of the 1230th.

Until then, the rest of the soldiers will be here at the National Guard Armory in Bainbridge, preparing.  "We're just going over information, equipment, different things like that, contact numbers," said Guardsman Lloyd Cook.

"Getting to know each other, that's one of the main things we've got to do.  Start getting to know each other today, versus when we get over there," added second lieutenant Tony Goodwin.

The 1230th company is an experienced group of men and women, most of whom have civilian jobs outside of the National Guard.  "They were on active duty for almost two years doing homeland security missions and they were also mobilized to support hurricane Katrina relief efforts," Emerson said.

But this will be the company's first call to active overseas duty, since the war in Iraq began. Last year, some of the soldiers from this unit served with the 48th Brigade Combat Team. Soldiers who have been deployed in the last two years were given the option of refusing service, but that has not been the case in this unit.  "They have still raised their hand and said I'd like to mobilize," Emerson said.

The National Guard Armory in Bainbridge will host a send-off ceremony for the troops sometime in beginning to mid April.  The company will probably be deployed for about a year. 



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