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Tower construction on schedule

March 19, 2007

Doerun-  More than 90,000 pounds of steel is being bolted together in Doerun to construct WALB-TV's new Mega television tower. 

About a third of the tower, that's twelve, 30 foot sections, have been assembled with diagonals and horizontals. The crew is able to build about two sections of the tower a day.

 Now, the assembling team has completed enough of the tower to bring in a stacking crew late next week to begin preparation to put the tower up.

"Not straight away, there's a lot of preparation work to do, the winches to lay out and all , the guys and everything like that so it will be two or three weeks before we get the stuff on the first lift," said Ralph Brown of Radian.

Just how fast the tower can be stacked will rely heavily on the weather. The tower can't be stacked if wind gusts reach more than 20 miles per hour.

WALB and WFXL's towers fell in less than a minute during a demolition attempt after a helicopter crash June 7th, 2006.