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Worth County man's body found buried

March 17, 2007

Worth County--After several days of searching for a missing Worth County man, the search ends in tragedy.

Investigators have finally located the body of 33-year-old Richard Bentley.

They found Bentley buried in a shallow grave off of a rural Worth County Road--just two miles east of his home on Flint Lane in Worth County.

That road near Bentley's home is Binns Lane.

On Saturday, The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Worth County Sheriff's Office spent much of the day examining evidence from the scene and recovering Bentley's body.

Binns Lane is a rural area in Worth County that seems almost secluded from the rest of society. But it was in these woods investigators discovered the body of Richard Bentley.

"You had to be really be looking if you were walking through here to see it," says Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins.  He says investigators may not have ever found Bentley had it not been for Bentley's step-son, 21-year-old Chris Szorcsik, who confessed to the crime.

"He said he wanted to take me out here, show me the area, and show me where he buried him at," says Tompkins.

It was around 9 AM when investigators went down the rural Worth County road. It didn't take them long to find Bentley's body buried two feet in the ground.

"It was deep enough, you could put him in, cover him up with dirt and he was covered with pine straw," says Tompkins.

Along with burying Bentley, Szorcsik, admitted to stabbing his step-father several times before disposing of the body.

"He told me he cut him with a knife," says Tompkins.

Both Bentley's step son and wife, Charlene Bentley remain behind bars on various charges--so far murder is not one of them.

Tompkins says that could soon change.

"The GBI is the one that is handling the interogation, and they'll be the ones along with D.A. to decide what charges," he says.

The sheriff says Szorcik claimed he was alone when he buried his step-father's body and did not have help doing so.

"He just said him," he says.

Bentley's wife has not confessed to any involvement with his murder. In the meantime, investigators continue to follow leads throughout Worth County.

"We're still interrogating people out here in the community and different people that hear about it will call and give us information about what they saw," says Tompkins

And sometimes Tompkins says, the best clues come from a guilty conscience as did with Bentley's own step-son.

"Maybe he just got feeling that he wanted to do what's right," says Tompkins.

Investigators hope others with more information pertaining to Bentley's senseless death will also do the same.

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