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Red Light Cameras are a Go

March 16, 2007

Albany - If you live or work In downtown Albany, you've probably seen the cameras that were recently installed at the intersection of Pine Avenue and Jefferson Street. Red light runners, beware. This is your warning. On Monday, those cameras go live, and if you run a red light you can expect a ticket in the mail.  

It's so tempting, you're in traffic, In a hurry and just can't wait to get where you're going,so you run the red light.

There's always a risk involved, but these cameras bring another consequence.  Michele DeMott says, "Our red light system is absolutely not about raising any sort of revenue. We want to change driver behaviors."

Change from the perilous path of putting yourself or others at risk. 

"I've been looking for something like this to take place in Albany for quite some time," says Willie Williams.  He travels around town on his motorized wheelchair, but says sometimes it's risky just trying to cross the street. He's had a few close calls with red light runners.

Williams says, "If my wheel chair didn't have some power to it, she would have hit me."

But now, folks without regard for other drivers, pedestrians, or the law, will have to face up for their traffic trespasses.

You've heard the proof is in the pudding, this time the proof is in the picture, if you run the red light, you'll get a picture in the mail, along with a $70 fine. Even though ticketing through the cameras hasn't taken place yet, there has already been a reduction in the amount of red light runners.

DeMott says, "What we have seen is drivers are very aware of the system and they are stopping."

That's good news for Willie, who just wants to cross the street in peace. "Oh yes," he says, "an excellent idea."  

Warnings will be sent out for the first 30 days the system is on, but after that, the fine for running the light is $70.



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