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Looks like mosquitoes are here

March 16, 2007

Albany --  It may seem early, but mosquitoes are already hatching in Dougherty County.

A warmer than normal March has led to an earlier arrival of the blood sucking, disease carrier pests. Maybe they haven't attacked you yet, but Donnell Mathis, with Mosquito Control says it won't be long.

He says it's important for folks to take control of the mosquito situation, so we don't have cases of the West Nile Virus. Last year, there were three cases in Dougherty county.

Donnell Mathis with Mosquito Control says, "we want to try to prevent that from happening this year by starting early and try to get everybody on board that what we need to do is pour out these containers we have around the homes and get rid of the old tires that we're having around the old homes."

Here's a little more incentive for you to empty out the water around your home: Donnell Mathis says some counties are actually fining home owners for keeping standing water around. He says if people don't take steps to keep mosquitoes under control, he'll ask Dougherty County leaders to consider fines as well.

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