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911 tapes reveal Camp call, body discovery

March 16, 2007

Albany -- Thursday evening, the public heard perhaps the last words spoken by the Albany Search and Rescue Team's deputy commander, Jack Camp, before he was murdered.

Albany police have gotten a lot of tips about the shooting death of the 43-year-old Camp, but so far they have not made an arrest.

He was gunned down early Wednesday morning at Regency Club apartments in east Albany where he was a courtesy officer.

He called 911 to report a suspicious person at the complex. Here is transcript of that call:

"Communications, this is Penny."



"Hey this is Jack."


"Um, signal 13, 2000 Tompkins, I need you to send somebody out here with me."


Garbled sounds (possibly the killer)

"Male or female?"

"It's a male."

"Alright, we'll get someone to you."

"Thank you."


"See you soon."

"Bye Bye".


On that tape,  there is a garbled noise-- that is possibly the killer talking to Camp.


Minutes after Camp made that call, someone else dialed 911 after he saw a body.

"Albany 911."

"Yes ma'am, I'd like to report somebody's been shot."

"Where at sir?"

"Right in front of Tompkins Avenue, about 2000 block right in front of the international all star base ball field."

"Do you know who's been shot?"

"No ma'am, just come up the driveway and there's a lady laying on the ground, or he's laying on the ground and it looks like he's been shot in the chest a couple of times."

"Okay, is somebody checking on him?"

"No ma'am, I was just calling y'all before I went down there."

Police also have a video they are trying to enhance that may show Jack Camp's killer. If you have any information, call crime stoppers at 436-TIPS.

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