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Grady county wants community to clean up the roads

March 16, 2007

Cairo-- When you drive into Grady county, you won't have to go far before you see litter lining the roads.  "We do have a serious litter problem in Grady county and we are starting to address that now, more so than we have in the past," said Jim Rittmeyer, Executive Director of Keep Grady County Beautiful.

The fine for littering in Grady county recently went up to $675 along with the threat of going to jail if you're caught. 

County officials now want to help solve the littering issue as well. They're promoting the adopt-a-highway program.  "What we're trying to do is get people to call the state department of transportation in Tifton to join up into the program," said County Administrator Rusty Moye.

Groups or individuals sign up to adopt at least a mile of a state highway. Volunteers agree to remove litter from both sides of the road, at least 4 times a year for 2 years. "The department of transportation will furnish the bags and the vests, and everything, and the signs and all that good stuff," said Moye.

If the adopt a highway program is successful and people volunteer to help clean up the state maintained roads, the county commission plans to look at county maintained roads which also need lots of improvement.

On one county road, trash is visible directly across the street from a dumping site.  "The county commissioners need to see some positive reaction from the citizens of Grady county to start the local highway participation program," Moye said.

"I hope everybody will understand what we're trying to and take part in helping us out," said Rittmeyer.

Adopt-a-highway supporters say when volunteers take care of the problem with their own hard work, they'll begin to take pride in their community. 

If you want to adopt-a-highway in Grady county or in your community, call the Georgia Department of Transportation.




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