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Don't go overboard on St. Patrick's

March 15, 2007

Albany --  Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, which for some means a day of celebration and drinking.   But the Dougherty County Police warn you it could be a deadly time if you drink and drive.  

The National Highway Transportation System says that in 2005, 59% of the fatal DUI crashes happened during the St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Dougherty County police want to remind you to plan ahead, and not try to drive if you have been drinking.

Their officers will be on the road Saturday looking for violators. "I'm sure that some of the local establishments are going to run specials on alcohol, pitchers of beer, so forth. And we are asking that these people, if they know they have had too much to drink, designate a driver," said Lt. Tom Jackson of the Dougherty County Police Department.

Lt. Jackson said their officers will give no warnings to violators, if you are behind the wheel and have been driving, they will arrest you.