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Gas prices on the rise

March 14, 2007

Albany -- We're not yet near the summer driving season when gas prices always go up. But south Georgians are paying about 30 cents more per gallon than we were a month ago.

AAA reports the average for a gallon of regular gas in Georgia is $2.39. It's higher than that at most Albany stations.

The Oil Price Information Service blames higher demand and a dwindling US oil supply over the past few months.

Whatever the reason. Drivers don't like it.

"Stay hopeful that this is just a temporary thing, and it will go back down. Because it does have an effect on your economically cause it's not in your budget when you're paying $25 dollars one week and $50 the next so I'm praying that it will go back down," said driver Jackie Johnson.

The nationwide average for gas right now is about $2.54 a gallon, 18 cents more than this time last year.



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