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Computer screen hurting your eyes?

March 14, 2007   
by Diana Gonzalez   

Poor vision has become an occupational hazard thanks to hours spent in front of the computer. It's a common problem affecting the vast majority of computer users.     

You stare at the computer all day, after a while, your eyes feel tired and dry, your vision gets blurry, and sometimes you get a headache. If these symptoms sound familiar, you may have Computer Vision Syndrome.   

"Our eyes are not made to look at a screen, 20-24 inches away from us, 8 hours a day. It brings out the worst in your eyes."  For financial advisor Jeff Beckwith, it was starting to interfere with his work.   

"I'm sitting there talking to the customer for a while all of a sudden when you cant see what you need to see."   

For help, he went to optometrist Jay Schlanger, who has some simple solutions to deal with computer vision syndrome. First thing is to make sure you have the right prescription and lens designed for computer use.   

"Some companies have now with progressive lenses where the top is set for that computer, and the bottom for reading, these are called office glasses,"  Schlanger said.    

Contact wearers can switch to new generation silicone hydrogel lenses that do not compete with the eye for tears. "The silicone allows much higher oxygen transmissibility than anything we've ever had."   

And sometimes, changing the cleaning solution for your contacts can be the answer.  "Many of the one step solutions create allergic reactions in patients.  Switching the patient to a less preservative solution, suddenly all their dryness is gone."   

For Jeff, switching to those silicone contacts has made all the difference.    "I can wear my contacts all daylong now," he says.